Midyim Berries: Australian Berries that Taste like Nutmeg Custard

Austromyrtus dulcis

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3 min readJan 28, 2020
“midyim berries” by anna_gregory is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


Researching the Midyim berry (pronounced mid-JUM) is like walking through a house of mirrors. You enter the quest to find what appears to be a wealth of information. There are seemingly dozens upon dozens of really old books, spanning centuries, with at least a small blurb on the Midyim berry.

Quickly, though, you learn that appearances are funny things.

All paths lead you face-to-face with the reflection of 19th century Quaker missionary and botanist, James Backhouse. Backhouse tells you something like, “these are the tastiest wild berries I have found in Australia.”


You move to another resource, and find James Backhouse’s reflection. Quickening your pace, you move to another corridor. And another. And another.

Oh no! I’m lost.

Seemingly every book — in duplicates stretching infinitely into the past and future — contain James Blackhouse’s reflection from 1843. Fearing the worst, you peer into your high school yearbook:


Then — gasp — you find something: a truly unique statement on the Midyim berry from the 1800s. You can tell that this statement has not been read in a very long time. You decide to save it for later to keep your readers engaged.

Red-eyed with an aching brain, you look to the internet for some videos on Midyim berries to break up the monotony.

You find a short one of a Queenslander guzzling beer while chucking fistfuls of fertilizer at his Midyim Berry plants…

What and why did I just witness?

You subscribe to this man.

Next you discover a 38 second video featuring a woman named Ruth timidly planting a Midyim plant into the ground at what appears to be a wildlife preserve. The video format is not supported by your website. As you move to close the video, you hear Ruth reassuring you through a din of tropical birds that the Midyim is among the tastiest berries in Australia.

Backhouse! Leave this woman at once!

Then the video trail goes cold.

Wait, that’s it? There are the only two videos on the Midyim berry on the entire internet? How can I write an entire article on such a mysterious plant?

Well, Travelers, with a little blog scouring, archive pounding, blood, sweat, and Tylenol, we have distilled the resources of the world to create the best doggone brief overview of the Midyim Berry ever... until we visit Australia.

Welcome to the enigmatic funhouse world of Austromyrtus dulcis:

The Midyim berry!



By Kevin Healey

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